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Summer 2 Withdrawal Schedule for Prorated Bill Adjustment for Tuition and Fees (2021)


A student who officially withdraws from the University will receive a prorated bill adjustment as follows:

Before the end of the Summer 2 2021 official drop/add period, 100% of the charge for tuition and fees will be reversed.

  • March 17, 2021, to July 6, 2021:¬†100% reversal of tuition and fees
  • After July 6, 2021: No reversal of tuition and fee charges

Tuition and fees are not reversed after the official drop/add period, which is July 6, 2021. You will be responsible for paying back 100% of your tuition and fees.

There is no adjustment of tuition and fees for a student who drops a class after the close of the official drop/add period while remaining enrolled in another class or classes.