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Student Direct Deposit Instructions For Self-Service Banner

  1. Access the NCCU homepage at
  2. Select "myEOL."
  3. If you are not logged in, click "Login to myEOL."
  4. Enter your assigned student username and password, if prompted.
  5. Select "Banner SSB."
  6. Click the "Student" tab.
  7. Click the "Student Account" link.
  8. Click the "Select Direct Deposit" link.
  9. Select "Continue."
  10. If there is no “Active” Accounts Payable information, enter the bank routing number and bank account number to add a direct deposit and then select “Add Account."
  11. If there is “Active” Accounts Payable information and you want to add new direct deposit information, you must first select “Inactive” under the Accounts Payable column in order to inactivate the existing student bank record. Then, select “Save Changes."
  12. Enter the new bank routing number and new bank account number to add a direct deposit and then select “Add Account”.

Your direct deposit information will be prenoted on the first student refund cycle and will be active on the second student refund cycle. "Prenote" means your bank must confirm your bank information before we can send any money to your bank.

Student Accounting Contact Information

North Carolina Central University
Shepard Administration Building, Room 208
Durham, NC 27707
Main Telephone Number: 919-530-5071
Fax Number: 919-530-7960