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For the protection of our staff, faculty, students, visitors and the community at large, North Carolina Central University is operating under strict public health measures, including symptom checks, enhanced disinfection, and personal protective equipment to protect faculty, staff, visitors, and the community at large.

Without prior authorization, visitors are not permitted in any campus building or facility. Please have each person who will be entering campus buildings with your group complete this form on the day that your work is scheduled to begin and each day you come to campus thereafter. Your responses will be used to determine if you are approved to enter buildings on campus.

An email stating "Approved" or "Rejected" will be sent to both the respondent and their campus contact to let both parties know of the decision.

This form is NOT used to request a visit with a student living in a NCCU residence hall.  To visit a student living in a NCCU Residence Hall you must first complete the Residential Life Visitation Request Form.  If approved by residential life you will need to complete this COVID-19 Visitor Screening Form on the day of your approved visit.

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Are you completing this form to request permission to visit a student living in a NCCU residence Hall?