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Payment Plans and Options


University 4-Pay and 5-Pay Payment Plans

  • The University 4-Pay and 5-Pay Payment Plans enable students to pay all or a part of the semester’s tuition and fees in installments without interest charges.
  • The University 4-Pay and 5-Pay Payment Plans may be used to supplement all other forms of scholarships, grants or loans. 
  • The enrollment date is July 2 for fall to take advantage of five monthly installments.
  • The number of monthly installments decreases each month after the July 2 enrollment date.
  • The deadline date to enroll in the fall plan is August 1. 
  • The fall plan must be paid in full by October 1 for the 4-Pay Plan and November 1 for the 5-Pay Plan.
  • The fall enrollment fee is $25.00, which is nonrefundable.  
  • The University 4-Pay Plan or 5-Pay Plan is not available for the summer semesters.
  • For further information, please contact the Student Accounting Office at 919-530-6356 or send us an email at
  • Money orders, cashier's checks or personal checks should be made payable to North Carolina Central University. The Student ID number should be indicated on the money order or check to ensure credit is given to the correct account. MasterCard and Visa are also accepted.
  • Payments may be made in advance, in person, by mail or securely online with credit cards via the Banner SSB service in myEOL.
  • It is the student's responsibility to verify receipt of a mail payment by checking Banner SSB in myEOL.  
  • No grades, transcript, degree, or diploma will be released to students until all financial obligations to the university, other than student loans, are paid in full.
  • State law requires that all previously incurred expenses and accounts at NCCU be paid in full prior to pre-registration or registration for a new term. Delinquent student accounts will be turned over to the State Attorney General's Office or to a collection agency for collection.
  • A student is not officially registered in any classes until all tuition and fees are paid for the semester. Students whose tuition and fees are not paid by the payment deadline for the semester are subject to being dropped from the classes in which they are enrolled.
  • Students who are dropped from classes for nonpayment will not be allowed to re-enroll until the next semester.

The University Payment Plan

  • The University Payment Plan is also offered to students with automatic enrollment when at least one-half of the current session’s charges are paid before the end of the regular registration and payment period.
  • Financial aid deferments, verifiable third-party payment promises, or other methods of payment can be used to cover the required one-half payment.
  • There is a $25.00 administrative charge to all accounts on the University Payment Plan. The plan provides the student two additional payment dates for the remaining 50 percent account balance:  Sept 1 and Oct 1 for the fall term and Feb 1 and March 1 for the spring term.
  • A $20.00 late fee is assessed when payments are late under the University Payment Plan. In cases where a student will not be able to pay the full amount for the semester or summer session, he/she should secure assistance far enough in advance to avoid delay in registering or payment of bills when due.
  • Students who do not register and complete at least one-half payment of their total charges prior to the official drop/add date listed on the Academic Calendar for that semester will be charged a $50.00 late registration fee.
  • The State Legislature and the UNC Board of Governors may approve adjustments in tuition and fees as conditions warrant during the academic year.